Hand Crafted Acoustic Guitars from North Vancouver, since 1985.

Hand-made, since 1985


by one pair of hands, in a shop at the foot of a mountain,
walking distance from the sea.



Watch David at work in the Morgan shop.

Welcome to Morgan. The continuing story of a great guitar-making tradition that stretches over 150 years, from 1860s Madrid to a small workshop on Canada’s rugged west coast.


Since 1985, guitar builder David Iannone has upheld the rich traditions of a long line of expert craftsmen. It’s a tireless search for the finest materials and the endless pursuit of a peerless attention to detail. An intricate dance of consciousness, technique, and effort – using knowledge only gained by decades of experience. The result is superior handcrafted instruments sought by discerning musicians worldwide. Fewer than 50 guitars a year emerge from his shop. Each one hand-signed by the maker himself, a personal process that guarantees unmatched beauty and uncompromising sound.

In a world where so much is made by heartless robots, it’s comforting to know each Morgan is made by a caring set of experienced human hands – and deeply connected to the guitars, guitarists and guitar makers that came before it.

So get your own hands on a Morgan.

Become part of our story.



In a human sense, each Morgan knows who they are. 

Each one is unlike the next, radiating that extreme sense of self we long for. 

Each guitar is a rare breed, never replicated in the same exact way but always made with the same hands. 


D Series

The D stands for dreadnought. Before it became a guitar style it was a battleship. Strong, hardworking, dependable –and the potential to make a big bang. You also can't help but look at it in awe when one is in your harbour.

C Series

The C stands for concert. They look good. They sound even better. These are the guitars people buy tickets to watch and listen to. Their balance and versatility will take you from Joe's Café to the Royal Albert Hall.

OO Series

People were a little smaller back in the 1800s when the OO size was developed. Lucky for us. Their legacy is this compact guitar that's surprisingly loud and extremely easy to play. It's also as portable as your songs –allowing you to write and record anywhere that seems right. 



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