Do you Remember this Guitar?


This past week a Morgan player reached out to us with a letter detailing the history of his guitar and why it means so much to him, in fact he thanked us "for building the finest acoustic guitar he's ever played."

It is a humbling honour to receive words such as these ones.

It's what keeps us building. It's what keeps our story evolving. 

You can read the full letter below. 

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      Dear David,

I just saw an interview you did with Red Robinson in a video on youtube. You mentioned you occasionally hear from people who own your guitars. I realized, this message to you is long overdue.

Do you recognize this guitar?



I got it from Rob Friedman on April 30, 1997. He told me that this Presentation Model Concert Cutaway used to be your personal guitar.  The serial number is 069140.  I wonder, do you remember this guitar? Can you tell me anything about it? The top is darker than any of the spruce top guitars I've known. I just play guitars. I don't dig into all the details, but I've wondered if this was spruce or maybe cedar. 

I've had too many acoustic guitars: Larrivées, Taylors, Martins, Gibsons, a few others with less familiar names. None could hold a candle to the Morgan. For twenty years this has been my main guitar for acoustic gigs. I don't do many acoustic gigs these days and I'm down to just a few guitars.  There's the Morgan, a Larrivée classical, and a carbon fiber travel guitar. 

I got a 30th Anniversary Larrivée sometime in '97-98.  If I hadn't committed to buying it before I got the Morgan, I would not have bothered. It was interesting having both, but I always reached for the Morgan first. I sat beside Christine Larrivée on a flight to Calgary a few years ago. She told me that you did most of the work on that Larrivée. I think that's why I kept it for so long. My best friend now has that guitar. He wanted the Morgan but I wouldn't part with it. 

The Morgan

In my circle of musical friends, that's how we all refer to it. "The Morgan". I could tell you stories - and I'm sure you know them all already. I've always enjoyed getting invitations like this, "Please come... and bring the Morgan".  It is the only guitar that people have remarked on by name. 

David, Thank you for building the finest acoustic guitar I've ever played. 


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