A Letter from a Player


I am always inspired by Morgan players and I continue to build with them in mind. If a Morgan in your hands makes your day a little better, part of my goal has been met.

I recently received an email, I'd like to share, from longtime Morgan player, Jay Buettner. Jay is a professional guitar player, a part of the George Canyon band and bandleader of the Bobby Wills Band. In addition to touring, he plays on recording sessions, produces and writes with many Canadian country artists. 

Hi David,

It’s been a long time. I just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know how happy my DM continues to make me. I’m still impressed by this guitar every time I play it. Recording engineers love it, too. The color is getting more beautiful and it’s opened up tonally in some wonderful ways. I’m also completely blown away at how the finish stands up. I’ve banged it against chair arms or desk corners so many times and it barely shows a mark. 

Since the end of summer, I’ve been flying out for a lot of acoustic shows and finally getting a chance to really use it on the road. This month, I’ll do a dozen or so shows with George (Canyon) so there will be two Morgans on stage. We had a friend on the crew out with us last week who commented that he thought George’s Morgan blew his MacPherson away. Thought I’d share that for bragging rights. :)

Hope all continues to be well at Morgan. All the best!


Jay Buettner on the road performing with his Morgan DM.

Jay Buettner on the road performing with his Morgan DM.

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